Auroch Digital

Auroch Digital is a world-leading independent development studio and games consultancy. We design, develop and publish games on a range of platforms, from physical games to digital tabletop, from desktop to console, from large projects to smaller rapid-prototypes.

Mars Horizon: Blast Off! by Auroch Digital team

2–4 players

20–60 minutes


competitive, solo or coop card & dice game

In Mars Horizon: Blast Off! each player aims to complete the first crewed mission to Mars. To achieve this galactic task you run your own space agency, making all the key decisions: which rockets to build, what missions to run, and where to spend resources. Take risks to take to make space-history.

Elections of US America Election: The Card Game by Auroch Digital team

2–6 players

60+ minutes


competitive card game

Elections of US America Election: The Card Game is a snarky, dark, hilarious card game based on the circus that is the US election. You as the player takes on the role of a campaign manager trying to get your candidate into the White House. However the road to power in Washington DC is no smooth path. Each player must build up a team of slick political operatives, deploy a host of dirty (and clean) tricks, and indulge in general skulduggery of your opponents to ensure your man, woman, or monster wins the presidency. Featuring all the big players such as, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and Hilary Clinton, as well as candidates from fantasy and history, like Cthulhu and Abraham Lincoln.