King Racoon

King Racoon is a storytelling studio from Ludwigsburg, Germany which mainly focuses on creating board games.

We love games with deep and complex mechanics, that offer a new playing experience with each round. Our expertise in game development has grown steadily through years of working on Tsukuyumi - Full Moon Down, balancing the asymmetric game mechanics. The world of Tsukuyumi now features a board game, a comic and a novel.

We are always working on inventing interesting and unique worlds, for which we then create board games, comics, video games and all kinds of stories.

Tsukuyumi – Full Moon Down by Felix Mertikat

3–5 players

180 minutes


asymmetric, round based, area control

The moon has crashed into Earth and nothing is as it was before. The world has changed – and with it the creatures that fight for survival. Whether human survivors, mutated animal races or human-machine hybrids – every faction wants to seize control, in order to finally confront the greatest enemy: The white dragon TSUKUYUMI.

Tsukuyumi - Full Moon Down is a boardgame without any elements of chance, that challenges the strategic skills of its players. The modular battlefield represents the dried out ground of the former Pacific Ocean: Up to 42 hexagonal area tiles circle the moon, providing victory points, blockades and contaminations. The goal is to gather as many victory points as possible, through conquering areas and fulfilling special missions – thus becoming the most dominant species on the board. Tsukuyumi - Full Moon Down's particular appeal lies in the clash of diverse, asymmetrical factions. At the beginning, each player picks a faction. Each faction comes with their own respective abilities, units and strategies. The game therefore changes drastically, depending on the factions which meet on the battlefield, making each round a new and exciting experience.

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