Underground Games

Underground Games is dedicated to making co-op games that challenge, surprise and delight. Games that have depth, a rich story and interesting mechanics. Because nothing is sweeter and more memorable than a hard-won victory in an engaging adventure with unique characters.

Jagged Alliance – The Boardgame by Marko Jelen and Jan Wagner

1–4 players

45–120 minutes


co-op Tactical Action with a scenario based highly replayable campaign

Jagged Alliance TBG is a co-operative board game with a range of miniatures where you to take the role of your favourite Jagged Alliance mercenaries to battle Deirdranna and her minions in a deeply tactical action game with unique mechanics.

Gear up, recruit allies from A.I.M., free sectors from occupying forces, resolve challenging missions, uncover hidden caches or stumble into roaming bloodcats as you leave your mark on Arulco. Build up a militia to defend your hard-won territory and always keep an eye out for the actions of Deirdranna's nefarious commanders .

Castle von Loghan by Paul Toderas and Jan Wagner

1–8 players

45–120 minutes


Co-op Time-travelling exploration game with a scenario based highly story-rich campaign

Castle von Loghan is a lovingly-crafted and ambitious dungeon exploration game for 1-6 players. Playing through a rich story that spans three different timelines, your group of agents has to work together to prevent Time itself from being ripped apart and altered forever!

Unique co-op / competitive game play, with shared health and clarity, unique agent skills and an innovative energy mechanic.

An original and expertly-crafted storyline: over 240 events forcing group members to make individual decisions influencing the outcome for the entire group.

Diceless time-jumping combat where players work together to defeat the enemy